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 eXpeart Counter Strike v1.0

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MesazhTitulli: eXpeart Counter Strike v1.0   Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:02 pm

Counter Strike eXpeart

Author: SK | PGLzone
Help: al3x & Edooard

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------
Version: v1.0
Download Link

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

* The models were modified in 97%
* The sounds have been changed in 95%
* Player have been changed to 100%
* Changed the Sprite `s 100%
* Some maps have a better clarity (HD)
* I added an intro (appearing before entering cs)
* Command Menu changed completely
* Smoke is no longer lowers your FPS player is more clear (people can see through it easily)
* Bullets in the wall are clearer and more realistic
* You will have a surprise spray
* The rest do not even remember, experience alone

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

* Recommended resolution is 1024x768 .. so the background graphics will be perfect
* The game is setup type should be installed.
* Package deals 320 mb, 670 mb installed handle.
* Installation time: 3-4 minutes.
* The Internet was a great servers tested
* The menu is easy to use.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------

-------------------------------------------------- --------------

Another version: The version 1.1 will try to fix these errors.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
Troubleshooting errors encountered:
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------
* CS software requires CD-Key! Enter the letter A and go everywhere in the main folder key.reg CD
* Some buttons not working! Write in console: exec enk.cfg
* After you install cs-create a shortcut on your desktop, please write to Target Proprieties and so will go sho
Respect and you will be respected
Respect: Shocker & Spawn
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eXpeart Counter Strike v1.0
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